Hi I'm Dr Lisa Winters, Mum to Spencer.

I am a veterinarian and animal communicator on a mission to create a better world for all creatures. With a passion for animal communication that goes beyond just a psychic connection, I use all of my skills as a vet and animal communication expert to get to the root of my patient's problems and help cure them of various illnesses.

I'm all about changing people and pet’s lives through validation and connection. I do this by empowering people with the skills and knowledge to be a voice and advocate for all animals through my unique animal communication techniques. I have a vision for every person to be a voice and advocate for all animals to help co-create a better world. And my mission is to help pets feel validated and enable them to connect with their humans on a deeper level. 


Have you watched the 1975 movie Escape to Witch Mountain?


When I was asked about when I first became aware that I could communicate with animals, it took me back to watching this movie. I can’t remember the time when I first started talking to animals, I only knew that I always had done it. In fact, I thought everyone did which is why it wasn’t talked about. I was about 5 years old when I first saw this movie and it was the first time, I had seen someone else do what I did and speak about it. I remember saying to my family "I can do that" as we watched Tia mentally talking to her cat and horse, only to get "Yeah ok Lisa" in a tone as if I was making it up. They shushed me very quickly as they wanted me to be quiet to watch the movie. 

It was at that moment I realised I was different, and it was strongly possible that not everyone could do what I did.

As I grew up there would be many more pivotal moments that would entrench this ability to communicate with animals.

 These childhood lesson carried me into my teenage years and as a young adult, where the love of my life, the horse, became my obsession and eventually my career. I was fortunate to have some amazing horses bless my life and continue to strengthen my ability to communicate with animals. These very special horse put me on the trajectory of becoming a veterinarian.  It was them who brought animal communication into my everyday reality and cemented this knowing into my soul. It was my horses who taught me how to teach people how to communicate with animals through my teaching as a riding school instructor and trainer. It was them who continued the ongoing validation that I was communicating with the animals. It was the horses, in particular, one called The Little Bug, that took me back to the moment when I was 5 years old and watching Tia telepathically speaking to her horse and saying to my family "I can do that." I am a self-taught animal communicator with over 40 yrs of experience speaking to all animals that have entered my life. 

I always felt the call to use these skills to help treat and heal animals in need.

This call took me back to school where I started my path to becoming a veterinarian. As a vet, I use animal communication on a daily basis to help me get to the root of the problem the animal is experiencing and ultimately help cure them of many diseases they are facing. I have over 20 years’ experience being a veterinarian, pet tarot and animal communication expert. These ongoing validations and experiences have led me to understand that all people have the ability to communicate with animals. And using my unique animal communication techniques I empower them to achieve extraordinary, connected relationships with their pets by removing the fear of the unknown.

That's why I have created my P.E.T. Method of Animal Communication.

P.E.T. Method of Animal Communication

The P.E.T. Method of Animal Communication has been uniquely created with the Pet Parent in mind and will allow you to cultivate a stronger, stress-free connection with your fur baby that ultimately puts you back in control by allowing your pet to be validated and you being their voice and advocate. You can achieve this by working with me using the P. E. T. method of Animal Communication. 

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