Introducing The P.E.T. Method of Animal Communication 

By Dr. Lisa Winters 

Hi!  I'm Spencer, here I am with my mum, Dr. Lisa Winters

Let me tell you more about the P.E.T. Method of Animal Communication that we have developed together.


Dr Lisa Winters is a veterinarian pet tarot and animal communication expert, who is on a mission to change the lives of both people and pets through connection and validation. For over 20 years, she has been harnessing her unique skills in animal communication to empower pet owners with the skills and knowledge to be an advocate and voice for all animals and co-create a better world.

Pet owners were blown away.

Five years ago, Dr. Lisa created Pet Tarot Therapy, which quickly became one of her most sought-after services. Owners were blown away by the detailed and accurate messages that came through during their pet's tarot reading. And it's no surprise why. The pet tarot cards and their meanings are entirely unique, created from the pet's perspective, offering a powerful tool for connecting with our animal companions on a deeper level.

Dr. Lisa's passion for animal communication and holistic veterinary care led her to solidify her experience and knowledge in The P.E.T. Method of Animal Communication. It is this method that underpins the work Dr. Lisa does every day.

But her passion does not stop there, she has since created the P.E.T. Partnership Program. Through this program, she not only helps individuals connect with their pets but also teaches them how to become animal communicators themselves.

With Dr Lisa's unique combination of veterinary expertise, intuitive communication skills, and compassionate approach to care, she has helped countless animals and their owners improve their quality of life. 

What is the P. E. T. Method?

Well, it focuses on three key aspects of animal communication - Pride - Empowerment - Trust

  • Pride - allows us to form a strong Pet / Owner bond through purposeful communication which helps regain your ability to communicate with your pet by removing fear of the unknown and opening a direct line of collaboration with your chosen animal. 
  • Empowerment - is about creating a partnership with your pet that gives back your ability to deal with stressful situations and ultimately develops a unity that cannot be broken. 
  • Trust - is the cultivation of building confidence in yourself that your pet will translate as confidence within them.

How can Dr. Lisa support you and your pet, utilizing her P.E.T. Method of Animal Communication?

The P.E.T. Method of Animal Communication has been uniquely created with the Pet Parent in mind and will allow you to cultivate a stronger, stress-free connection with your fur baby that ultimately puts you back in control by allowing your pet to be validated and you being their voice and advocate. You can achieve this by working with me using the P. E. T. Method of Animal Communication. 

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